Linear Bearings

Linear bearing is a kind of linear motion system, used for linear stroke and cylindrical shaft. Because the load-bearing ball is in point contact with the bearing jacket, the steel ball rolls with the least frictional resistance. Therefore, the linear bearing has low friction, is relatively stable, does not change with the bearing speed, and can achieve smooth linear motion with high sensitivity and high accuracy.

Product Features:

Linear bearings are used in conjunction with hardened linear drive shafts. A system for infinite linear motion. Because the load ball and the quenched drive shaft are in point contact, the allowable load is small, but when moving in a straight line, the frictional resistance is minimal, the accuracy is high, and the movement is fast.

Product Parameters:

1: Straight cylinder type (the shape is like a cylinder, generally installed with a circlip, used for occasions with small installation dimensions)

2: Flange type (there is a mounting flange at the end or in the middle, which can be installed with screws. The flanges are generally divided into three types: round, square and trimmed)

3: Open type (shape like a straight cylinder, with axial slits on the outside, used in occasions where gap adjustment is required, divided into two types: large opening and small opening)

According to performance points:

1: Ordinary type (used for general performance requirements)
2: Super type (for long life and high load performance requirements)

Application and After-Sales Service:

It is widely used in sliding parts of industrial machinery such as precision machine tools, textile machinery, food packaging machinery, printing machinery and so on.

The company processes and manufactures various and all kinds of international brand bearings.